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Doug Gottlieb: Packers Didn't Make 'Insecure' Aaron Rodgers Feel 'Special'

Doug Gottlieb: Packers Didn't Make 'Insecure' Aaron Rodgers Feel Special
Doug Gottlieb: “Star quarterbacks are like beautiful women. If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a beautiful woman, she has to know that YOU know that she’s beautiful and she’s special. That’s where is it with quarterbacks. You would think they’re the most secure individuals on the planet. All eyes are on them in the huddle, all eyes are on them before and after games during interviews, and what they say represents the entire franchise, and moreover, the entire city, or entire state in which they play… We believe that the people who should be the most secure are the most secure, but they’re actually incredibly INSECURE. They have to be told through actions and words that they’re special and that’s where the Packers screwed it up. The Packer didn’t do anything wrong drafting Jordan Love, but didn't communicate their plans or their feelings, or give the love and affirmation. The Packers read the tea leaves wrong and wanted to restructure, he wanted an extension. They should have known right away. Even when your intentions are good – the beautiful woman or the incredible quarterback – they can be misconstrued because those people always have their antennas up… Quarterbacks are beautiful, talented, and intelligent creatures, and yet they’re a little bit insecure and they need to be told and shown how special they are at all possible occasions otherwise they want to move on. The more somebody has been told how incredible they are for as often as they’ve been told, the more it actually plants a level of insecurity… What the Packers are going through is what every guy will go through if you don’t spend that extra special little amount of attention needed so your significant other feels secure, safe, adored, loved, etc. Quarterbacks are just like beautiful women.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss Aaron Rodgers’ flatling relationship with the Green Bay Packers organization, and break down why he thinks the Packers didn’t make an ‘insecure’ Aaron Rodgers feel ‘special’ enough.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb details where the Packers weren’t wrong in their handling of Rodgers.

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