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MLB Extends Trevor Bauer's Administrative Leave Amid Damning Allegations

Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball players association have extended Trevor Bauer's administrative leave until August 6th. On administrative leave, Bauer continues to get paid by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Bauer's hearing last week on an ex-parte temporary restraining order was postponed to Aug 2, 3 and 19. The investigation into him and the alleged sexual assault, both by Pasadena PD and by MLB, remains active.

Here is what MLB said on the ongoing investigation on Bauer:

MLB's investigation into the allegations made against Bauer is ongoing. While no determination in the case has been made, we have made the decision to place Mr. Bauer on seven-day administrative leave effective immediately. MLB continues to collect information in our ongoing investigation concurrent with the Pasadena Police department's active criminal investigation. We will comment further at the appropriate time.

The Dodgers have removed the Bauer bobblehead night from their promotional schedule this season and also have removed all his merchandise from the team website earlier last month.

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