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Former NFL Player Constructs the 'Perfect' Offensive Line

Former NFL Player Puts Together the 'Perfect' Offensive Line

Listen to former offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz, who played eight seasons in the NFL for the Panthers, Vikings, Chiefs, and Giants, and whose brother Mitchell won a Super Bowl with the Chiefs in 2019, construct his perfect NFL offensive line at the tackle, guard, and center positions.


“I know he’s coming off an injury, but he’s the best tackle in the NFL because of his ability to pass protect. For so many years, Aaron Rodgers held the ball so long, and the reason why was because Bakhtiari was the best pass-protecting left tackle in the NFL. If I’m drafting this position I want THAT guy.”


“Quinton has lived up to the expectations, which is very tough to do. He came into the NFL as a mauling machine out of Notre Dame, and oftentimes there may be trouble translating that to the NFL. But there are some chinks in the armor. I think we look at him and see all the highlight plays, we see him knocking guys down and being a beast, but sometimes he doesn’t move the best in pass protection, and can get beat a little at times.”


“I’m going to lean towards the veteran here. He can just do anything on the field, which is super important. He’s a little bit light, but he can make every single block. He can make a block where he’s gotta use a little bit of power, and he’s very good in space.”

Right guard – ZACK MARTIN

“This is very simply Zack Martin of the Cowboys. He’s the best offensive lineman in the NFL. The thing about Zack Martin, and it’s the most impressive thing for me, is that he can do everything really well. There is no weakness in his game. He is fabulous in space and he’s the best guard in space in the NFL. In pass protection it doesn’t matter if you’re strong or if you’re quick, Zack is going to handle you. His battles with Fletcher Cox of the Eagles have been legendary.”

Right tackle – RYAN RAMCZYK

“He just got paid A LOT of money by the Saints. He was second-team All-Pro last year. I don’t quite get the fascination with Jack Conklin being first-team All-Pro. He’s the best right tackle in the NFL right now but Tristan Wirfs will give him a run for his money.”

Check out the FULL audio above alongside Outkick the Coverage host Jonas Knox.

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