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The Real Reason Why Baker Mayfield Will Get Contract Extension From Browns

Colin Cowherd: “Baker Mayfield deserves about half of what Josh Allen got, but Baker is GOING to get paid and there are two reasons why. One, the Cleveland roster is excellen. I think he has an excellent young coach as far as I can tell, I think he has an excellent young general manager, and he’s going to win games. But the second reason he’s going to get paid is –– it’s not about having a great agent, Baker has great leverage and it’s called FEAR. Companies are often petrified of going backwards. In Cleveland the bar is so low that just Baker Mayfield getting them to a playoff game is viewed as a ‘savior.’ Baker was the first quarterback to just START every game of a season in 20 years. They had 33 quarterbacks since their previous playoff win. When people who have struggled -- often through their own dysfunction -- get a little taste of success, they DO NOT want to risk going backwards. Baker Mayfield doesn’t even need an agent, he has the leverage of FEAR, and Cleveland is going to give him a big contract. Their NBA team is a mess, their baseball is rebuilding again, and their football team is actually really good… Even if you didn’t go to the playoffs this year and were 10-7 but pretty good, you’re getting the bag.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd detail the two biggest reasons why he believes Baker Mayfield is primed to receive a massive contract extension with the Browns, as Mayfield and Lamar Jackson will look to join Josh Allen as 2018 NFL Draft brethren to earn massive second contracts in the NFL.

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