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Colin Cowherd: 'Trust Fund Kid' Cowboys Are Too Soft to Ever Contend

Colin Cowherd: “I was watching 'Hard Knocks' last night and they had a 3-minute drone shot going through the Cowboys’ facility. It was a PALACE and I’ve never seen anything like it. Then I thought ‘yeah, I have’, it’s called a COUNTRY CLUB. This is why the Cowboys are a soft football organization. Jerry Jones regularly overpays for ‘good’ players. You know who doesn’t? New England never does, Baltimore never does, Green Bay never does, ya know, those three teams who win a lot of playoff games. The Patriots were a 20-year dynasty and Belichick always made them feel like ‘we cannot afford anything other than the Marriott.’ The Dallas Cowboys are trust fund kids. They’ve never stayed at anything that’s not a Ritz Carlton. I watched that drone for the Cowboys and I’m like ‘YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME.’ Shiny, beautiful, wonderful, and they’re overpaying all their players. ‘Good’ players now get ‘great’ contracts. Since Barry Switzer left in the mid-‘90s they have three playoff wins. Mark Sanchez has more playoff wins. When I watched that drone I thought Jerry is enjoying his wealth -- good for him -- but keep it away from the players. You stay at the Ritz-Carlton for the weekend and it will take the edge off you real quick.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss the ongoing HBO ‘Hard Knocks’ series following the Dallas Cowboys, and how a recent episode showing off drone footage of their luxurious facilities at AT&T Stadium made Colin realize that the Cowboys are essentially ‘trust fund kids’ who are too ‘soft’ and ‘glamorous’ to ever win big in the NFL.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Jerry Jones has spoiled these Cowboys players rotten, and taken the ‘edge’ off them in the process.

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