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Former Florida Gators Player Thinks Urban Meyer Will Fail in the NFL

Colin Cowherd: “Urban Meyer transitioning to the NFL, you were on the Dolphins for both of Nick Saban’s years there, what worries you about ‘college legend’ to the NFL?”

Channing Crowder: “The ’personality management.’ Nick Saban is ‘God’ to Alabama football and he was God to LSU football. He asks your child to come and let him take over what the parents did. He’s looked at as your ‘father.’ When Nick Saban got to the Dolphins he had 37-year-old Keith Traylor, he had 7-time Pro Bowler Jason Taylor, 6-time Pro Bowler Zach Thomas…you can’t cuss me out as a grown man with $50 million in the bank. If I miss a tackle, tell me to ‘break down’, don’t ‘F-bomb’ me to death because I’m going to ‘F-bomb’ you right back. That’s my thing with Urban, I love Urban, I’m a Florida Gator and he brought us two National Championships with Tebow and Chris Leak back in the day – I love Urban Meyer as a college coach – if he cannot transition to dealing with players like MEN, guys who have 4 or 5 mortgages, 6-7 kids, maybe a couple baby mommas, and have some stuff going on in their life…you’re not in control of me, you are my football coach to let me succeed on the field. I think that was the biggest problem with Saban. And also his offense -- I was watching that game last night. He was working on the one-on-one matchups trying to take advantage of the last defense that you saw. DC’s in the NFL have a maturation of defense; they’re going to show you ‘cover three’ to come back and show you ‘cover zero’ to go and run a zone blitz. They’re a step ahead of you. I was worried last night. I know it’s in the preseason but last night they were a step behind offensively with the defensive calls. And then with transitioning – understand that these are grown men and they’re more than just ‘RB1’ or ‘RB2’, they have their own thing going on and are in total control of their life, and you’re not coming in and talking to me like I’m a child. Spurrier and Chip Kelly pop in my mind as offensive gurus who failed. If I had to bet, I think Urban Meyer is going to fall right in line with them.”

Listen to former Florida Gators superstar Channing Crowder, who became an All-American linebacker under ex-Gators coach Ron Zook in the early-2000s, explain to Colin Cowherd why he thinks Urban Meyer is going to follow in the footsteps of Chip Kelly and Steve Spurrier as former college coach legends turned NFL washouts.

Check out the interview segment above as Crowder, who spent six years in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins, including the two seasons Nick Saban was head coach there, details why Meyer will ultimately fail at the professional level.

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