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NFL Insider on Tom Brady's Future: 'He's Not Retired'

Dan Patrick: “You’ve been on this story before anybody, and that is Tom Brady to the 49ers. Can you still see Tom Brady playing again, and if so, is it for the 49ers?”

Mike Florio: “Absolutely, and I got to give [Chris] Simms credit for bringing that to fruition. Brady wanted to play for the 49ers when he was a free agent after leaving the Patriots and the 49ers said ‘no thank you.’ Okay, good luck with Jimmy Garoppolo. I think the 49ers would admit that they probably have a Super Bowl trophy or two if they had gone with Tom Brady instead of Jimmy G. Especially after this Tom Brady, Sean Payton, Miami Dolphins thing, I don’t think he’s retired, I think he’s retired from the Buccaneers. I think he’s trying to find a graceful exit from Tampa Bay. Last year he got a Super Bowl, this year they took a step back, and now I think he is eyeing a place where he walks through the door with the deck stacked in his favor. The question is how much of a fight will the Buccaneers put up if he decides in June or July that he wants to leave? I would say they owe it to him to give him what he wants. He brought a Super Bowl trophy to a team who had no business being in the Super Bowl and he filled the stadium last year. I think he’s coming back, I just think he’s trying to find a way out of Tampa.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk explain why he believes Tom Brady isn’t retired, but simply ‘retired from the Buccaneers’ as Florio made a bet with Dan Patrick that he will take a pie to the face if Tom Brady isn’t playing for the San Francisco 49ers by Week 1 next season.

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