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Tyreek Hill Was the Chiefs' Nuclear Weapon During Ongoing AFC Arms Race

Photo: Mark Brown

Ben Maller: “My initial reaction when I first heard about the Tyreek Hill news was ‘what the heck is going on here? What kind of crack are they smoking in the heartland??’ The Chiefs are supposed to be in the middle of an arms race in the AFC. It’s all about the accumulation of weapons and trying to outdo the other team, but not Andy Reid and Kansas City. They just unloaded their thermo-nuclear guided missile. In return, they got the blueprints to some developmental ammunition. Draft picks always ‘sound’ great, and the unknowledgeable fan always loves the draft pick. ‘Oh, great maybe you’ll get a three-time All-Pro! Oh, wait, we just had one and traded that player away!’ Let your imagination act like those picks are going to be so tremendous. That’s always the ‘best-case scenario’ and I have piles and piles of proof to validate my position that you would rather have the ball player than the draft picks. Does the loss of Tyreek Hill change your opinion of the Chiefs? YES, you have to downgrade the Chiefs. I’m not going to get all jonesed up about some draft picks. Denver got better and Kansas City is a worse team than they were last year. Say what you want about Tyreek Hill but you’re talking about a guy with a Hall of Fame resume. This is the kind of move you back when your owner is cheap and your franchise is downsizing. The strategy is usually to not overpay for wide receivers but we’re living in a different age now.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks the ‘cheap’ Chiefs greatly downsized their firepower in the midst of a historic AFC ‘arms race’, as Maller compared the Tyreek Hill trade to the Chiefs surrendering their most potent nuclear weapon during wartime.

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