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Colin Cowherd Says a Tom Brady to Dolphins Move is ‘Very Possible’

Colin Cowherd: “Dale Arnold has been a reporter and talk show host in Boston for many years. He tweeted yesterday that he ‘wouldn’t be surprised if Tom Brady goes to the Miami Dolphins this season.’ He’s hearing parties are working on it. He was the first person in the media in Boston to report Brady to Tampa was a done deal. It’s hard to wrap your brain around that. It feels absurd TODAY, this season, but I think it’s very possible. Stephen Ross is the owner of the Dolphins. Many of you know this; Stephen Ross is one of the biggest and richest Michigan donors. Tom Brady went to Michigan – it’s spoken, they know each other, and they have a relationship at some level. I was told, when we were the first show nationally to break the story of Brady to Tampa, I was told by my source that Miami was where Gisele would prefer to go. It’s an international city, it’s a fashion city, Miami is very international and Gisele is an international star. Tampa is very domestic, it’s a small town, and Miami feels like a much bigger city, much more dynamic, much more vibrant, and much more international. She wanted Miami but in the end they settled on Florida because the Dolphins didn’t have their act together and Tampa had a conveyor belt of really good players. Miami’s roster today feels very Tampa Bay Buccaneer two years ago. Lot of good receivers, solid ‘B’ backs, a tight end or two people like. Brady loves Kyle Shanahan and his system , which as you age is a very good system if a quarterback does have some limitations. Brady doesn’t have many but it’s a very good system for quarterbacks. Who is the coach of Miami? It’s Kyle Shanahan’s guy. So they’re building a very ‘San Francisco’ offense out East and Brady loves that offense. Chris Simms was on this show a week ago and he thinks it’s not only possible, but it’s ‘very possible’ because of something he heard not that long ago. It doesn’t make a lot of sense now because he literally just got on the phone and recruited Russell Gage. It doesn’t feel like Tom’s brand to recruit guys and then not want to play with them… Miami has always been attractive to athletes. It’s aqua water, no state tax, very chill, warm weather, you can work out anywhere, you can go out on your balcony and then run on the beach any day of the year, it’s perfect. I was told that Tom would have ideally loved to go to Miami and go beat Belichick, but they just didn’t have their act together or have players.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss Friday’s viral rumor that the Buccaneers and Dolphins are ‘working on a deal’ for Tom Brady to be traded to Miami before the start of 2022 season, as the report from a local Boston sportswriter suddenly became the juiciest, albeit most speculative, rumor of the entire offseason.

Dale Arnold, who was actually the first person in the media to report that Brady was leaving the Patriots for the Buccaneers in March of 2020, legitimately believes that there’s a chance Brady is dealt to the Dolphins, as earlier this week the team acquired star wide receiver Tyreek Hill as part of an aggressive roster reload to become a serious contender in the AFC.

Tampa Bay, however, just re-signed offensive mainstays Chris Godwin and Leonard Fournette, and still appear to be a juggernaut in a diluted conference that just lost Russell Wilson, Davante Adams, and Matt Ryan to the AFC. Brady was reportedly involved in the Bucs' signing of promising Falcons wide receiver Russell Gage, who will take over for Antonio Brown.

Check out the video above as Colin details all the reasons why he could actually see Brady playing in Miami.

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