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Colin Cowherd Gives Out Report Card Grades For the NFL Offseason

In the latest installment of ‘Best For Last’, Colin Cowherd hands out letter grades to NFL teams on the 2022 offseason, grading every contender who had the most active (and inactive) offseasons.

Here were some of the most notable report cards that Colin handed out:

Raiders: “I would give them an ‘A.’ Chandler Jones upgrades their pass rush, big in the NFL, and Davante Adams upgrades their receiving corps. They lost Casey Heyward but if you look around the league at where it’s moving pass rushes and weapons are the key, and they had major upgrades in both.”
Browns: “I would give it a ‘B’. It’s still way too noisy. Deshaun Watson could be suspended for 10 games, you also lost Austin Hooper and Jarvis Landry, so they are some losses here. You’re more dynamic at quarterback but your quarterback in that division probably doesn’t play until November or late October so I can’t give it an ‘A.’
Broncos: “I think this is the highest grade and not just because of Russell Wilson, ‘A+’, but Randy Gregory and DJ Jones are unbelievably impactful defensive pieces. They basically traded for Russell Wilson and didn’t have to give any of their elite pieces up. That was unbelievable, it was just draft picks and Noah Fant, who the Broncos weren’t in love with because they like their backup tight end. It’s very rare that you can do massive upgrades and not give up pieces. They only gave up draft picks and with this roster there are not a lot of draft picks that could come in and start anyway."
Cowboys: “They did not study for the test, it’s a ‘D.’ Their offensive line lost two starters, their receiving corps lost two starters, and they lost Randy Gregory. They bring in Dante Fowler but he’s much more blockable than Randy Gregory and they were forced to make this move because of Ezekiel Elliott, who remains the highest-paid running back in the league. You will pay the price if you have the highest-paid quarterback, or running back, or wide receiver, there is eventually a price to pay and Dallas paid it.”

Check out Colin's FULL report card in the video above.

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