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Colin Cowherd Predicts the Upcoming 2022 Season For Tua Tagovailoa

Colin Cowherd: “Miami goes out and gets Tyreek Hill and they think ‘SOLUTION.’ Tua is limited and now we have a solution, and I’m going to push back on that because I do think he makes them faster and more interesting but will he win them a game? He’s probably worth a point a game in Vegas. Over the course of a season that’s 17 points. I like that Miami has smartly pivoted from spending money on defense to offense. They ‘think’ they solved the Tua issue and I would argue that they’ve created another dilemma. In one year with Tyreek Hill, watch it divide the room and here’s why. Here are Tua’s number this year (67.8% completion percentage, 16-10 TD/INT, 90.1 passer rating). He didn’t have 'terrible' numbers. Kind of what he is when he has to carry decent pieces. Now with a new offensive coach, Tyreek Hill, a better left tackle, and upgrade at running back is it reasonable to think Tua’s numbers will go up? He’s not going to go up to a 120 passer rating but let’s give him 10%-15% increase. Next year I have him completing 69.0% of his throws, 23 touchdowns and only 8 picks, and a 96 passer rating -- and that’s going to divide the room. ‘BUT COLIN, YOU GOTTA KEEP HIM WITH THOSE NUMBERS!’ Interesting, do you think Kyle Shanahan is a good coach? Because this Dolphins system with Mike McDaniel, which is Shanahan’s system, here are Garoppolo’s numbers last year, (68.3% completion percentage, 20-12 TD/INT, 98.7 passer rating), the EXACT same as the numbers I think Tua will put up this year, and Shanahan is moving off Garoppolo. Sean McVay ran that system to some degree and look at Jared Goff’s numbers (64.3% completion percentage, 26-12 TD/INT, 94.1 passer rating). Oh my, that’s the exact same too. This system makes ‘B-‘ quarterbacks look like ‘A’ or ‘A-‘ quarterbacks. It can divide the room. Goff was like ‘this is what I am!’ and McVay was like ‘no, this system took you there, it’s not what you are.’ Tua is going to look like Garoppolo and Goff in this system. It is built to elevate quarterbacks without them having to do all the work. Have you noticed the AFC? It’s the GREATEST FOOTBALL CONFERENCE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, so good luck.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss what he believes will be the expectations for Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins for the upcoming season in the wake of the blockbuster Tyreek Hill trade that appears to make the Dolphins a legitimate player in the AFC hierarchy.

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