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Colin Cowherd Floats This Blockbuster Draft-Day Trade With Deebo Samuel

Colin Cowherd: “The Jets do a lot of things poorly, have made a lot of terrible decisions, and have seemingly overpaid for average players all the time, but Deebo Samuel to the Jets is not a terrible idea. Let’s look at the big picture – he’s a really good player and he’s a star player for a franchise that doesn’t have one. Buffalo is absolutely loaded, New England has the best coach ever and Mac Jones will be stabilized in year 2, and Miami will be a massive upgrade offensively. The Jets finished in fourth place last year and five games back of third place in the AFC East, the largest gap in the league for any fourth place team. What do the Jets do well?? They’re crossing their fingers that Zach Wilson can pull them out of this mess. The Jets don’t need nine picks, what they need to do is give the 49ers their no. 10 pick. Keep the #4, go get an offensive lineman because they’re moving off Beckton, and go get Deebo. Give the Niners the #10, and their 38th pick in the top of the second. After the Tyreek Hill move you’re going to have to give up three picks, so add in a third-rounder next year too. To me, this makes a lot of sense. You have no idea with your head coach, my guess is that it won’t work. Your roster is weak, the division has a star team in it, New England has the best coach in football history, and Miami made major upgrades. You don’t do anything particularly well, take a big swing. If by the end of tonight you have the best or second-best left tackle and Deebo Samuel, the Jets win the night. Then your quarterback has a chance. You have to figure out by the end of this year 'can Zach Wilson play?' Next year is a better quarterback draft and you gotta know by the end of this year if you have your guy. How are you really going to know unless you give him somebody like Deebo Samuel?” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the New York Jets should execute this blockbuster draft-day trade involving 49ers star receiver Deebo Samuel.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the Jets have no choice but to try for a home run on Thursday night, with unproven young quarterback Zach Wilson, and the reloading AFC East division potentially creating a very ominous future for the Jets.

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