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WATCH: Formula 1 Reporter Mistakes Duke Star For Patrick Mahomes

An awkward situation took place at the Miami Grand Prix when an English Formula 1 reporter mistook former Duke men's basketball star Paolo Banchero for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

In the now-viral video, Sky News reporter Martin Brundle approaches Banchero, a projected top prospect in next month's 2022 NBA Draft, and yells "Patrick" to get his attention.

Banchero, understandably unaware that the comment is directed to him, continues walking, as Brundle jokes "I don't think he can hear me up there," referencing the height difference between himself and the 6'10 power forward.

Brundle once again exclaims, "Patrick" and finally gets Banchero's attention before finally realizing that the basketball star isn't Mahomes midway through their interaction.

"OK, it's not Patrick, that's why he ignored me in the beginning," Brundle said before asking Banchero what his name is. "OK, well I thought I was talking to someone else so I'm sorry about that."

Banchero appeared to take the misunderstanding in stride, introducing himself and shaking Brundle's hand while smiling before walking away.

Brundle, acknowledging the awkward mistake, laughed and said "whatever" into the Sky News camera as he walked off the incident.

Mahomes was in attendance at the event, celebrating Mother's Day with his wife, Brittany, and sharing several posts of the race on his Instagram account.