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Why the Packers Will Miss the Playoffs Next Season

Colin Cowherd: “WAY OFF. Sneaky tough schedule, I think Minnesota wins the division. The Packers have the toughest five-game stretch in the league, on the road for four of the five games starting in Week 5, and they have five primetime games so they’ll have to play later than scheduled. They got a really bad break in terms of time. They get fewer days off, less rest, and some of their best players are older so I don’t think it was a great schedule for them.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think the Packers will make the playoffs next season, as Colin played a game of ‘Playoff or Way Off?’ in Monday’s ‘Best For Last’ segment.

Check out the video above as well as the video at the bottom of the page as Colin decries the Green Bay weaponry heading into next season that will be without All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams.

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