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Colin Cowherd Says This Unheralded Veteran QB is a Future Hall of Famer

Colin Cowherd: “About a month ago I had to righteously defend Derek Carr, who is going to make the Hall of Fame… I have my quibbles with PFF but they came out with their quarterback tiers today… They had a tier called ‘Tier C’ which they called ‘mixed bag, the most polarizing players’ -- Dak Prescott, Kyler Murray, and Derek Carr. I laughed at this, what exactly is polarizing about Derek Carr?? Doesn’t miss games, accurate, productive, and good enough to carry a tire fire in the playoffs. Haven’t we always said that about Dak? He doesn’t carry, he needs to be carried. That’s not Derek Carr. He will have his sixth coach in his ninth year! Derek Carr can carry dysfunction and he is capable of getting to the playoffs with less than ideal situations… Hall of Fame get ready… Canton, speech, it’s happening. Not sure when but it is.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Derek Carr is the most underrated quarterback in the NFL, as Colin takes the blind resumes of more celebrated quarterbacks and details why Carr’s numbers are just as impressive if not better than theirs.

Check out the video above as Colin proclaims Carr a future Hall of Famer despite a lukewarm reputation that has never pegged him as an elite player.

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