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Undefeated Boxer Musa Yamak, 38, Dies After Collapsing in Ring

Undefeated Turkish-born German boxer Musa Askan Yamak died after suffering a heart attack in the ring during a match last Saturday (May 14).

Yamak, 38, took a heavy blow from Ugandan veteran Hamza Askan Yamak in the second round and attempted to continue in the third, but collapsed on the canvas before the round started, reports.

“We lost our compatriot Musa Askan Yamak, a boxer from Alucra, who won European and Asian championships, at a young age after a heart attack,” Hassan Turan, a member of the National Assembly of Turkey, tweeted on Sunday (May 15). "I wish God's mercy on the deceased, whom we met at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey when he came to Ankara for the competition, and my condolences to his sad family and fans."

Paramedics attempted to revive Yamak, who was later pronounced dead at a local hospital of a confirmed heart attack.

Members of Yamak's family in attendance helped remove the ring ropes to clear the way for first responders after spectators left the venue, however, police confirmed the response was delayed by fans outside the building.

"The paramedics saw turbulent scenes of emotionally charged fans and family members on site," a Munich police spokesman confirmed to BILD.

Yamak, who was based in Bavaria, was 8-0 heading into Saturday's bout, with all eight wins resulting in knockouts.

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