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Why Baker Mayfield Can't Find a Starting Quarterback Job

Colin Cowherd: “Baker Mayfield is obviously one of the 32 best quarterbacks in football, he’s probably about 25th or 26th. I don’t like him as much as everybody else but Baker can play. He’s not going to ‘elevate’ you and he needs people around him but so do Dak and Kirk Cousins. Baker is obviously way better than Geno Smith and way better than Drew Lock and it ain’t close, but why in the world would Seattle bring in Baker Mayfield? They don’t want to win games. There are going to be about six teams in the NFL where the chances of them being good are very rare. Seattle, Atlanta, Giants, Jets, Houston, and Carolina. The Jets are not going to bail on their quarterback, he’s too talented. Seattle needs a quarterback, Atlanta does, the Giants will go get one, Houston I think will get one, and Carolina will. Like in life, the ‘best’ don’t always get the job. Baker is better than a lot of guys starting but it’s a plentiful college quarterback draft next year. The over/under on quarterbacks taken in the first round next year is six. Seattle knows that, Atlanta knows that, they’re bringing in Marcus Mariota, a backup. They both want a new quarterback. The Giants want to see if Brian Daboll will elevate Daniel Jones. Mills may work. Carolina just wants a new quarterback. There are a lot of rumors about teams wanting Baker Mayfield, but ask yourself, if you ran Seattle why would you want him? You want one of those quarterbacks [in the draft]. Look at that division, nobody thinks Baker is a Matthew Stafford or Kyler Murray, what you want to do is get a Bryce Young who can really ball, or CJ Stroud. There’s a lot of ‘wow’ there and not a lot with Baker. There is some but not a lot. Yes, Baker would be the starter in Seattle, and probably the starter in three or four of these places – of course he would start in Atlanta – but there is a bigger picture here. The way to tank in the NFL is ‘we’re not going to acquire this quarterback.’ Seattle is absolutely going to win significantly more games with Baker Mayfield and so would Atlanta.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the NFL quarterback market hasn’t been too enthusiastic about Baker Mayfield’s position on the trading block, as the former no. 1 overall pick who has been banished after Cleveland’s trade for Deshaun Watson heads into the 2022 season with a very cloudy future.

Check out the video above as Colin details why teams haven’t had much interest in Mayfield, despite the 27-year-old having a playoff win under his belt and very respectable career numbers.

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