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Why Kevin Durant's Career Has Become a Cautionary Tale

Colin Cowherd: “My takeaway on this game [Game 3] was… what is Kevin Durant thinking? He got swept in the first round and the Warriors look like they’re getting to the Finals. He’s playing with an odd cast of characters – Ben Simmons, Kyrie Irving, no bench, a young head coach… The Warriors have everything. Stars, culture, bench, depth, talent, Steph. You watch the Warriors unique style and think ‘how much fun would it be to play with Steph?’ You watch the Nets and you think ‘I feel bad for KD.’ He’s got to totally carry the team and he’s the only guy you can depend on every night. I know it’s a players league, but Kevin Durant is a cautionary tale of – be very careful about bailing on a Hall of Fame head coach, a Hall of Fame point guard, or a Hall of Fame culture. When a player has all those other things they win, you can’t do it by yourself. Andrew Wiggins personifies what the Warriors’ culture is all about. The Timberwolves bailed on him and he goes to Golden State – we all thought he was a trade piece – and a couple of years later he’s an All-Star and a really big thorn in Luka’s side. What is KD thinking watching this? Steph and Steve Kerr are what makes this thing work, it’s all about winning. Andrew Wiggins doesn’t work on a lot of franchises with a lot of stars, but he’s perfect for the Warriors. When Tom Brady and Bill Belichick broke up at least the Patriots were still viable. I feel bad for Kevin Durant because I think he’s way too talented to be connected to Ben Simmons, who seems marginally interested in basketball, and Kyrie who is marginally interested in anything not named Kyrie. I know it’s a players league but LeBron is great; can he overcome the Lakers front office and bad trades? No, he can’t. Durant and LeBron are both saddled with messes. The Warriors won pre-KD, with KD, and they’re going to win after him. Don’t tell me it doesn’t bother him. You watch the Warriors and it’s so selfless, it’s so fun, it’s so aesthetically pleasing, and it’s everything a basketball culture should be – ALL about winning.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he’s starting to feel sorry for Kevin Durant, as Colin believes the Warriors’ rise to supremacy in the Western Conference Playoffs has to be weighing heavy on Durant’s mind.

Check out the video above as Colin details why KD’s career has suddenly become a cautionary one.

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