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Rob Parker Says Steph Curry 'Ruined' the NBA

Rob Parker: “Everybody is a three-point shooter and Steph ruined the game. The game has changed but in a bad way. I’m not against the three-pointer and I understand it, but now everybody thinks they’re three-point shooters, and it’s only about three-pointers or dunks. Prominent coaches have said ‘he was taking shots that would make you cringe.’ If Steph would have missed a number of those threes early on then people would have had him tone it down, but he was making them and made him become even bolder and step out to half-court and launch. You were critical of JimmyButler taking that last-second shot, but maybe Jimmy Butler and others take threes now that maybe they wouldn’t have, had we not been three-ball happy because of Steph. I can almost blame Butler's shot on Steph. You talk to most players, a lot of them they say they don’t recognize this game. They don’t like it, you hear players all the time say ‘I can’t even watch this.’ There are a lot of guys who played in the league who don’t even wanna watch it and don’t think that it’s entertaining to them, and there are plenty of fans who don’t enjoy it and they blame Steph Curry. I’m blaming Steph for taking ridiculous shots that happened to go in. I wish he would have missed and they would have stopped him early on. I know plenty of players who say they can’t watch because the game is ruined by threes. He has changed the way people look at the game. People think they’re Steph Curry and they’re NOT, and that’s the problem.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Steph Curry has ‘ruined’ the game of basketball, as Rob details why Steph should be held responsible for NBA basketball being less entertaining than it was before he came into the league.

Check out the segment above as Rob goes on one of his classic rants against the two-time former NBA MVP.

Watch the FULL YouTube video at the bottom of the page.

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