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Why It's Not Likely Deshaun Watson Will Be Playing Football in 2022

Photo: Nick Cammett

Jason Smith: “This shows you how embarrassing this is for the Browns that they bought this guy while this was still going on. It’s like a 10-year-old’s understanding of the law, ‘oh, there’s no grand jury indictment? WE’RE IN THE CLEAR! LET’S DO WHAT WE WANT!’ and now they’re owning this absolute train wreck. This has not been a great week for Watson or the NFL to think ‘hey, maybe he didn’t do this.’ How can we believe Deshaun Watson, and more importantly, how can we believe the NFL allow him on the field? I really can’t see him playing football in 2022. I see it proceeding like how Major League Baseball did with Trevor Bauer. This is nowhere near being solved. Trevor Bauer kept being put on the Commissioner’s Exempt List until Major League Baseball came out with their Trevor Bauer decision. That’s kind of how this is going to go. The NFL is eventually when they’re forced to, going to put him on the Commissioner’s Exempt List, which means he sits, he doesn’t play, it’s not punishment, it’s just you sit and you don’t do anything. He’s going to be on that for quite a long time until this resolves itself because there’s no way, with this happening, that he’s on the field this fall. You talk about something that would turn off the NFL in droves, THAT would be this. He’s going to be on the Commissioner’s Exempt List for quite a long time and maybe the entire 2022 season… All situations like this from a business perspective are always ‘optics’ situations and that’s why Roger Goodell has to say ‘we can’t have this guy on the field.’ You have people just adding themselves to this ‘list’ now with new bombshell reports coming out, and you really think you’re going to get a resolution before the season? This ain’t getting solved the week after Labor Day. To put him on the field while something like this is going on is something that would be awful for the business. That’s when you’re going to see NFL ratings down because the Watson story is going to be so entirely overwhelming. The NFL is going to be thinking ‘we can’t get caught like the Browns did’ because you don’t know what else is going to happen. I can’t see Roger Goodell coming out with a statement saying ‘Deshaun Watson gets to play, this is how it works, we shrug our shoulders’ – that’s not good enough in 2020”(Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radio explain why he thinks Deshaun Watson is not going to play in the upcoming 2022 season, as a recent New York Times piece documenting how the Houston Texans ‘enabled’ his deviant sexual behavior was another deathblow to his already toxic reputation.

Check out the segment above as Jason details why he thinks Watson could get 'Trevor Bauer’d' this season and be put on the Commissioner's Exempt List for what could seem like an eternity as the NFL tries to get to the bottom of this morbid saga.

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