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Colin Cowherd: Cowboys and Packers Are Once Again Being Wildly Overrated

Colin Cowherd: “If you are a Cowboys fan you should feel pretty good… But this is a 4-5 year trend. You roll a couple of dysfunctional in-division teams like the Giants and Washington and the fans buy in. We talk about this with Green Bay too. Dallas and Green Bay are these massive brands, they make us feel good about the NFL, they have a lot of fans that didn’t even grow up there so they make a lot of noise, and they’ve got a couple of wildly dysfunctional teams in their division – the Lions and the Bears – and every time they have a bad game they just happen to be playing one of those teams, often at Lambeau, and the networks put it on television and they ROLL. And the networks love the Cowboys and Giants, and oh that’s going to get a rating getting the New York market and the big star with the Cowboys and they roll them every time because the Giants are dysfunctional. This is the reality of what happens. Networks put the Packers and Cowboys on these standalone games with their dysfunctional in-division rivals and you forget about what they looked like 2-3 weeks ago. This is the seventh straight divisional win for the Cowboys. If you take out the Dak injured year, the Cowboys are 20-4 in their division since 2017, and they’re often on television. We feel like in the last ten years that the Cowboys and Packers always come up short. Everybody for Dallas is buying in this morning, I’m an outsider and I’m sorry that I can’t put you in the class of the Bills, Ravens, Rams, or Chiefs. You gotta feel good about winning on the road when you dropped a touchdown, you had a backup quarterback, it was a hostile environment, but boy does this feel like a rinse and repeat to me. Yes, the Cowboys rolled the Giants, and yes, the Packers rolled the Bears, but neither has a quarterback who will be playing in their city in three years, and for Daniel Jones next year. Pass rush: excellent, Micah Parsons: star, CeeDee Lamb has star potential, Trevon Diggs similarly, but I caution Packers fans after clobbering the Bears, and I caution Cowboys fans after rolling the New York Giants. We’ve been on this thing for like seven years – standalone Giants vs. Cowboys game, standalone Packers vs. Bears game… We know who wins, we know the reaction, at the end of the year we also know the result: DISSAPOINTMENT.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd tamp down the hype of the Cowboys’ somewhat surprising road victory on Monday Night Football vs. the Giants without Dak Prescott, as Colin says it’s another classic example of the Cowboys beating up on a dysfunctional divisional rival in a standalone nationally televised game that leads to inflated expectations.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why this always seems to happen to the Cowboys and the Packers every year, where their nationally televised wins over bad teams in their division (New York, Washington, Detroit, Chicago, Minnesota) fool us into thinking they’re good.

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