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It's Now Obvious that Dak Prescott is a System Quarterback

Colin Cowherd: “If you look at the schedule, if Dallas hangs with the Rams and beats them, Dak then comes back: at Philadelphia, Detroit’s high-powered offense, at Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers, at the Vikings... This is the most brutal stretch of the year. Dak got a bad scheduling break. He opened against Brady and lost, gets hurt, then comes back in the toughest stretch of the season. This is bad. Dak is not going to lose his job but what it will do for the diehard, delusional, and overly optimistic Dak fans – it will prove that Dak has largely been a product of his environment. Early in his career when they had the best o-line and Zeke in his first two years the team did not rely on him, it went through Zeke and that o-line and they won a bunch of games. As the o-line deteriorated, and Zeke deteriorated, pre-Amari Cooper, they weren’t as good. Nothing against Dak but there is not a gigantic gap between Dak and Cooper Rush. There is a gap but the gap between Lamar, Burrow, Herbert, Brady, Mahomes, Allen, and their backup is the kind of gap where you would literally have to eliminate 25% of the plays in the playbook. The backup just can’t do what they can do. You can do EVERYTHING Dak does with Cooper Rush, 95% of the playbook is in. I’m not anti-Dak but there has been this delusion that somehow he ‘carries’ the Cowboys. When your backup is unbeaten – and I think they have a real shot to beat the Rams – you are officially a product of your environment. Dak is a product of his environment and he cannot carry this roster to a Super Bowl. Josh Allen can carry no run game to a Super Bowl and a conference championship. His backup Case Keenum probably can’t get them to win the division. THAT’S the way it should work when you have a star franchise quarterback.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Cooper Rush’s hot start with the Dallas Cowboys has essentially put Dak Prescott’s career into perspective as a ‘product of his environment' and a guy who is certainly not capable of carrying a team to the Super Bowl.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks the ‘delusional’ Dak fans will be eating crow when Dak returns next week to go up against what Colin calls the most brutal part of the Cowboys' upcoming schedule, and Dallas starts losing again.

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