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Colin Cowherd Has This Big Warning For the Steelers Organization

Colin Cowherd: “I think about these defensive head coaches, I said this about Ron Rivera and Brian Flores, they never got the urgency of the importance of quarterback. You used to be able to win a lot of different ways in this league but you can’t anymore. If you’re not good at quarterback you’re not winning any games. Mike Tomlin has a problem on his hands, Ben got old fast, they did not sense the urgency, they walked on eggshells, then they went and spent no money on Mitch Trubisky, a backup in this league, then they got flat-footed in a bad quarterback draft. They needed one desperately and they drafted Kenny Picket, who my sources said was a 2nd or mid-3rd round prospect. Last week they got absolutely crushed and their next three games are Tampa – LOSS, Miami with Tua back – LOSS, at Philly—LOSS, and they’ll be 1-7. At least Mike Tomlin now appears to know he has a major problem on his hands. Tomlin for years feasted on the frugality and cheapness of the Bengals and the dysfunction of Cleveland, but now Cincinnati has a good coach and a great quarterback, and Cleveland now has a really good coach in Kevin Stefanski, and Deshaun Watson is around the corner. For years Tomlin could run out Big Ben and you just won those games. The division is now Deshaun Watson, Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, and.... Kenny Pickett. That is 0-6 potentially for the next half-decade unless a defensive coach in Mike Tomlin gets what Ron Rivera hasn’t— URGENCY. You gotta do something BIG and take a big swing. Cleveland did with Deshaun Watson, like it or not. Baltimore did with Lamar Jackson. Cincinnati wasn’t supposed to draft Ja'Marr Chase. Over the next 12 games, the Steelers need to figure out whether Kenny Pickett can play. If not you draft another quarterback. These defensive coaches do not get the urgency of it. You draft another quarterback or you go upstairs and tell the Rooney Family you’ve got to buy the most expensive offensive staff in the league. The good news with Kenny Pickett is that you’re not paying him anything, so maybe you have to go buy the best left tackle and center on the market. It’s not your skill players, your tight end, or your running back, your o-line is a mess, and your offensive coordinator is not working. If there was an offensive coach in Pittsburgh today, you and I know, they would be making a judgment on Kenny Pickett, and ready to move off him. McVay moved off Goff and Shanahan was ready to move off Garoppolo, and you certainly have to be willing to move off Kenny Pickett.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the Pittsburgh Steelers' deteriorating 2022 season, and address what changes the organization must make if they hope to survive in a now-stacked AFC North that will soon feature Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson, and Joe Burrow as its star-studded quarterback fraternity.

Check out the segment above as Colin warns Mike Tomlin about not becoming the next defensive-minded head coach who misses the train on acquiring a franchise quarterback during an era where its never been more imperative.

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