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Nick Wright Makes His 2023 NBA Finals Prediction

Nick Wright: “Mark this down, the Mavericks will be the best offense in NBA history on a points-per-100 possessions status. The most efficient offense in NBA history— this year’s Dallas Mavericks. Christian Wood as a stretch five, I know they lost Jalen Brunson but they get Tim Hardaway back, a full year of Spencer Dinwiddie, Davis Bertans shooting everywhere, and did you see the sneaky move they got a little reunion for my guy Luka and the Real Madrid days, the last time he won a championship?? — CAMPAZZO coming off the bench. That will give us Luka against Embiid in the NBA Finals. In a summer where my large adult Slovenian son went back to Slovenia and laid off the cigarettes and laid into the other European teams, I think he’s going to get the league MVP, Finals MVP, and the NBA Championship. Mavs will win the title.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Nick Wright make his 2022/2023 NBA predictions with the season having just tipped on Tuesday night, as Nick predicted the two semifinalists from both conferences, the NBA Finals matchup, and the NBA Finals champion, as well his pick for MVP.

Check out the segment above as Nick details why he thinks the Dallas Mavericks will become a record-breaking offense in a season where Luka Doncic captures his first Most Valuable Player Award.

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