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Blazing Five: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Bets For Week 10 (Nov. 13)

Blazin' 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His Five Best NFL Bets For Week 10


Week 9 Blazin' 5 record: 1-2-2

Blazin' 5 season record: 24-19-2

Seahawks vs. Buccaneers *in Munich, Germany. (SPREAD: TB -2.5)

“Like it? I love it, I’ll take the Seahawks. Four-game winning streak for the Seahawks, all by 10+ points. It’s a young defense getting better by the week. They also travel well because defense and running games do. Their offense under Geno Smith is good and it’s getting better. In fact, since 2021 he’s averaged a 72% completion rate, only 7 giveaways, and a passer rating of 106. There is no story like Geno Smith in the league, and perhaps ever. The Bucs are a mess, worst rushing offense in the league, dink and dunk offense, against the highly aggressive young and athletic defense. I like the Seahawks to win 30-23, I will take the points.”

Colin's prediction: Seahawks 30, Bucs 23.

Colin's pick: Seattle +2.5

Broncos at Titans (SPREAD: TEN -3)

 “I’ll take the points with the Broncos +3. Their defense is fantastic. I know you want to talk Russell Wilson, but their defense is number two in the NFL, and this year they’ve been fantastic against the run and the pass. They are loaded all over the place. They felt they could even give up Bradley Chubb, which tells you they have athletes in that front that may not be getting the time. Ryan Tannehill has missed the last two games with injuries, and he was held under 200 yards passing in the three games before he was hurt. This offense is lost, I’ve got to take the points here. By the way, Denver is coming off a bye, Titans are coming off a road overtime loss. Rest and prep time leans Denver, I’m going to take the Broncos to win 27-21.”

Colin's prediction: Broncos 27, Titans 21.

Colin's pick: Denver +3

Lions at Bears (SPREAD: CHI -2.5)

 “I like the Bears -2.5. First of all, Goff on the road? Forget it, he's awful. This Bears offense in the last three games with a young quarterback is on fire, 31 a game, that was a shootout against Miami. They’re running the football therefore take some pressure, allow Justin Fields to throw on 2nd and 5, and 3rd and 3. The Bears offense this year when it comes to rushing percentage and rushing yards a game is number one. The Lions under Dan Campbell are 0-11-1 on the road, and Goff is anemic if you give him a little wind, and a little pocket trouble. He’s not somebody who is good in crisis. I think the Bears win 31-24, and I think potentially it could get really ugly in the second half.”

Colin's prediction: Bears 31, Lions 24.

Colin's pick: Chicago -2.5

Jaguars at Chiefs (SPREAD: KC -9)

“Jags +9 is the play here. You want to talk about Trevor Lawrence— three of the last four games he didn’t have a turnover, he’s actually playing very well, he’s made mistakes, he’s a kid. All six losses by the Jags are by one possession, it’s the 8th ranked offense in the league, and Trevor Lawrence leads the NFL with three games with an 80+ completion percentage. When the kid gets hot, he is HOT. The Chiefs defense, first of all, they are bad against the spread this year, and their defense this year? Be honest about it, you can push it around and you can score. I think the Chiefs win but I think it’s close, and I’m going to take the 9 points, Jags cover here, 33-28. I think it will be a wild and entertaining football game, lot of points, lot of big plays.”

Colin's prediction: Chiefs 33, Jaguars 28.

Colin's pick: Jacksonville +9

Saints at Steelers (SPREAD: NO -2)

 “Steelers are coming off a bye, Saints are coming off a short week, I’m going to take Pittsburgh and the points at home. Kenny Pickett is a kid, that extra time is going to be huge for him. Mike Tomlin off a bye is 11-4, so the veteran coach and the rookie coach get time. TJ Watt returns and it’s a totally different defense with TJ Watt. Right now the Saints are a mess at the most important position, quarterback. Their turnover differential is a disaster. I just don’t trust this team, I thought Monday night was… what do you do offensively after that?? I’m going to take the Steelers off the bye, TJ Watt, Mike Tomlin, Kenny Pickett plays OK at home, 28-24, I am taking the points.”

Colin's prediction: Steelers 28, Saints 24.

Colin's pick: Pittsburgh +2

All spreads are provided by Fox Bet. Spreads are posted when Blazin' 5 airs Friday at 2 pm ET and are subject to change.

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