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Colin Cowherd Says Trevor Lawrence is a Top 5 Quarterback

Colin Cowherd: “My top 5 quarterbacks in the league would be Patrick Mahomes— he has separated from everybody else. I would put Joe Burrow at two because of his accuracy, his situational greatness, no turnovers. Josh Allen is third— he’s the Mike Tyson, he will knock you out but still can be a bit sloppy. Number four, Justin Herbert— has to put up some playoff wins, but 6’5” 1/2, 240, he set every record for a player in his first three years, even beat Mahomes. Number five, a kid I loved in high school, Trevor Lawrence. Nobody is taking a phone call now on Trevor Lawrence. Let’s go to number six… ehh, I don’t know, number six? ‘LAMAR JACKSON!’… um, contract issue, hurt at the end of this year, hurt at the end of last year, and his playoff numbers are horrible, he completes 56% of his throws in the playoffs. ‘JALEN HURTS!’ Probably my six, but historically a little small, hurt again, runs more than I’m comfortable with, is he just having one great year? I would have had Kyler Murray at five or six but now he’s got drama, injuries, can’t get along with people… What about Matt Stafford? He had three different injuries this year. What about Aaron Rodgers? Green Bay might move off him, he’s 39. Brady? OLD. It’s almost like social media, you got your ‘Big 5’ – you got Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and then you get to six… Parler?? Don’t give me Parler.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Trevor Lawrence has emerged as a top 5 NFL quarterback only behind Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, and Justin Herbert.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he has Lawrence ahead of other QB’s the likes of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Jalen Hurts, and Kyler Murray.

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