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Colin Cowherd: Brock Purdy Will Get a Taste of 'Reality' in NFC Title Game

Colin Cowherd: “We have four quarterbacks left. Three are really special and then there’s Brock Purdy. He is a gamer, he is accurate, and he makes really smart and quick decisions. He also has a great offensive head coach, a stacked roster, and lots of weapons… Now comes NFL reality. Now comes a physical equal, on the road, against a better quarterback. The difference between beating Dak at home and beating Jalen Hurts in Philadelphia on the road feels like different galaxies to me. He has been a great story and has overachieved, but now he has to be a great player. That’s the way San Francisco wins Sunday— Brock Purdy has to be a great player because Philadelphia is that stacked. The best quarterback he has faced during this winning streak is Dak. The Giants were a great story, they’re a mile from a great team. Purdy is a great story, how far is he from a great quarterback? He’s not great but can he make an occasional great play, because they’re not asking a ton so far. As brilliantly as the 49ers are coached they’re going to need Brock Purdy to play above himself. He was the last guy drafted and most of these NFL GMs and scouts know what they’re doing. There is a reason why he was the last guy drafted. There wasn’t a lot of ‘special’ on tape. He was accurate, he distributes, he’s got some moxie, he’s a little bit of a leader, he’s a gamer, not a big arm but good enough, not super mobile but certainly good enough. He’s got his hands full. The ‘story’ to the ‘reality’ is going to switch. There has been a lot of home games, and a lot of average quarterbacks and lot of average rosters on this winning streak.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the upcoming NFC Championship Game between the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers, and explain why he thinks the heartwarming Brock Purdy ‘story’ is about to become a pitiless ‘reality.’

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why Purdy can’t just be a game manager vs. a formidable Eagles roster, adding that Purdy’s undefeated record has been greatly helped by a weak Niners schedule playing against mediocre quarterbacks.

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