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Blazing Five: Colin Cowherd Gives His Official Super Bowl 57 Pick

Colin Cowherd: “I started the week liking Philadelphia but I’m going to ask you some questions because I don’t think I’m making a bet on the game, I’m making a bet against Jalen Hurts. He can’t throw the deep ball right now. I know, I’ve seen it post-injury over and over again. I’m betting on Kansas City playing a single-high safety— ‘beat us deep.’ Maybe Hurts won’t have to because 11 times Philadelphia took the opening drive and scored, and maybe it’s a blowout and they roll. But he can’t post-injury throw to the right side. Hurts was BAD against San Francisco and had a 72 quarterback rating, and that’s with great weapons, a run-game, and an o-line. Ask yourself this— when is the last time, against a legitimate team, Jalen Hurts has had to make big throws in the fourth quarter and they’ve relied on him? Maybe they won’t have to, but two comfortable playoff wins – the Giants were a better story than they were team, and the Niners were hiking the ball to Christian McCaffrey in the end. Three of the last five games the Eagles have played with Jalen Hurts were against the Giants. They played six non-playoff teams, they faced Dallas once with no Dak. In fact, Philadelphia hasn’t played a playoff team with a starting quarterback other than the New York Giants since Week 4. Jalen Hurts had a great year but he’s not healthy. Jalen Hurts had a great roster but I watched that game vs. the Niners, he’s not healthy. Give me their great win against a great team? If the game is close, Philadelphia vs. a great team has never been there. Kansas City was last weekend. Kansas City is coming off a win vs. a team who had been on fire, and a quarterback playing the best football of his career. Kansas City also rolled the Jags. Not the ‘early’ Jags rebounding from Urban Meyer like Philly did, Kansas City beat them late when they were on fire and Trevor Lawrence was the hottest quarterback in the league. They rolled San Francisco on the road. The second-best quarterback playing Sunday is for Philadelphia. The second-best coach playing Sunday is for Philadelphia. The Rams last year had to beat Brady in Tampa, the Bucs had to beat Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau, New England had to go through Mahomes… I wanted to see somewhat of a tough road [with Philly]. I’m going to take the Chiefs to win it, 28-23.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd make his official pick for Super Bowl 57, as the Philadelphia Eagles will roll into Glendale as a 1.5-point favorite over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he’s not picking against the Eagles, but rather picking against Jalen Hurts, as Colin doesn’t trust Hurts’ health after an underwhelming NFC Championship Game against San Francisco where Hurts looked rather harmless.

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