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Jason Whitlock Calls Colin Kaepernick 'One of the Worst Humans in History'

Jason Whitlock: “I've been a long-time Colin Kaepernick critic and he is exposing himself as one of the worst human beings in the history of America, and I say that in all serious. He's not beyond redemption, but this is a tragic, sad, confused, mean-spirited human being. This is no hero, this is no one that's interested in social justice, this is an idiot who is mean-spirited, ungrateful, and a blight on the sports world, and anybody that defended this guy should be embarrassed. Surely, you've heard by now that Colin Kaepernick took a dump on his adoptive parents. I can't think of anything lower that his pursuit of fame and money would take him to this depth, to be this low, to call your parents problematic, and insinuate and flat out claim that they raised you in a racist manner. [Eluding to the CBS interview where Kaepernick said his White adoptive parents questioned him having cornrows as a child ] If you’re so stupid to think cornrows makes you ‘Black’, whatever ‘Black’ is other than a skin color, the only thing that can make you ‘Black’ is the color of your skin, that’s the only qualification. For Colin Kaepernick to have so little self-awareness, life experience, lack of a broader understanding… I had two Black parents and my father questioned everything about me. ‘I don’t like the clothes you’re wearing’, ‘why did you get an earring?’, ‘Why are you doing this or that?’. If I had gotten cornrows my father probably would have smacked me on site, and would have been like ‘what are you doing?? You think you went to college to come out and dress like some thug straight out of prison?’ THAT’S WHAT PARENTS DO. They don’t want you dressed up looking like you just got out of Rahway State Prison. Black parents, White parents, RESPONSIBLE parents regardless of color ask those types of questions and question everything about their kids. If they had a White kid and they came home looking like a hippie with long hair they would have said ‘you look like a hippie and a fool, that doesn’t look professional.’ That’s what parents do, but Kaepernick is so foolish and stupid he thinks that tats and cornrows, and Allen Iverson wrote the book on being Black. To some degree I have sympathy for Colin Kaepernick but not this. When your Black daddy that you never knew and your White momma gave you up, and these two people rescue you, put you in a good home, bend over backwards to support your athletic career, your academic career and everything, and you want to sit down and do interviews and talk about 'problematic’ and ‘racism’? You have so little understanding of parenting. You think I can’t sit here and talk about the mistakes my parents made? Every parent makes mistakes, and I’m not even saying your parents made mistakes, but every parent makes mistakes. Most people, particularly in their 30s, hell, by the time they’re teenagers they’re wise enough to go ‘oh, Lord have mercy, were my parents good to me. Yeah they didn’t do everything right, but oh my God, what a blessing. Jimmy Joe next door don’t even know his daddy. Felicia down the street, her mom is strung out on drugs. And my parents bent over backwards for me, and supported me in every way fashionable.’ My father made some mistakes, by my God, the sacrifices he made, the sacrifices my mother made, and I’m going to sit up and question them and clown them to sell some comic books and to be popular? This man is sick, and anybody who can’t see it is sick too. The lack of gratitude, it’s so pervasive. These young people who have to no gratitude for being Americans and for being born here, and appreciate the people, White or Black, who sacrificed so we could live in the land of the free and the home of the brave with all this opportunity. There’s no gratitude for it and all everyone wants to do is second-guess, and publicly question everything, and act like they are the supreme beings with all the answers, and if they were the founding fathers how much better this country would be. It’s a joke. You have no gratitude. To take a dump on TV on mommy and daddy. If mommy and daddy had truly mistreated you, if they didn’t feed you because they blew money on gambling, booze, wh****, and drugs, I get it, but your complaint is your momma complained because you had cornrows? Me and my daddy would have gotten into a knockdown, drag out fight if tried to put some cornrows on my head. This story is sickening. When he was just a football player I actually did like Colin Kaepernick, but once we started his kneeling stuff and couldn’t defend it, and once he exposed himself as ‘mute-hammad Ali’ controlled by that woman of his. I’ve never liked Colin Kaepernick and I feel so justified in not liking him right now. Trust me, your parents made mistakes, but going on TV and chitchatting with some woman you don’t know about the mistakes that you think they made, and they’re ‘racist’ and this was ‘problematic’, and you’re making a cartoon book about it? You’re that thirsty? You’re that unappreciative? You’re sick, man. You’re absolutely sick, and all the people who are gassing you up, they’re sick.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock call out Colin Kaepernick for a recent CBS interview Kaepernick did promoting a new graphic novel memoir he’s helping produce about his life in which Kaepernick was unsympathetic towards his Caucasian adoptive parents.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls Kaepernick ‘one of the worst human beings in the history of America’, and a ‘mean-spirited idiot’, who would sell out his adoptive parents just to sell some comic books and impress his woke following.

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