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WATCH: Soccer Goalkeeper Scored on Possible Record-Setting Goal

C.D. Cobresal goalkeeper Leandro Requena scored on what could be the longest range goal in soccer history during his club's recent 3-1 win over Colo-Colo in the Chilean Primera División league.

A clip of the goal was shared by TNT Sports Chile shows Requena, a native of Argentina, scoring from his own crease area on a goal kick that sailed over both teams' heads and bounced past opposing goalkeeper Brayan Cortés to extend Cobresal's lead to 3-0 in the 77th minute. Cortés was positioned far outside his own penalty area as the ball took a high bounce before rolling into the net, with the goalkeeper stumbling as he tried desperately to stop the goal.

TNT Sports Chile measured the goal at 101 meters (110 yards), which would be the longest range goal in soccer history if ratified by the Guinness World Records, according to CNN.

“I asked Juan Silva, the club’s manager, if the request for the record application was really going to be made and he told me ‘obviously yes,’” Requena told Radio Bio Bio via CNN. “So now we are waiting for what is needed to verify what the distance really was. [Silva] did tell me that the ANFP [Chilean Football Federation] called him to check the measurements of the field, which is 150 meters and a bit.

The current record for longest goal is 96.01 meters (105 yards) set by then-Newport County goalkeeper Tom King during a match against Cheltenham Town in 2021.

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