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Watch the Terrifying Moment This Skier Falls Into an Icy Crevasse

Photo: Cameron Spencer

A skier shared a terrifying video on Instagram as he fell into a large icy crevasse while he was skiing in the European Alps. Les Powtos was speeding down Meije Mountain as he approached a hole in the snow.

Powtos tried to avoid the hole, but as he skied along the edge of it, the ground gave way beneath him.

As Powtos slid down the icy hole, he managed to wedge his skis on a tiny ledge, stopping him from going deeper down the hole. Miraculously, Powtos was not injured after the scary fall.

According to Powder.comPowtos used his crampons, or ice cleats, to dig himself out of the ice. His friends then lowered a rope and pulled him out of the icy hole. 

Meije Mountain overlooks the village of La Grave, France, and offers challenging slopes for freeride skiers.