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Here is What Colin Cowherd Thinks of the Lakers' Chances of a Championship

Photo: ezra shaw

Colin Cowherd: “There is a feeling around the Lakers— are we getting another off year [like the Bubble], weird year, strange year? Dominant AD, LeBron out of his prime but productive, movable parts, and you take advantage of a little crevasse, a little opening in the West to get to the Finals. Can this become the Bubble year? It is a strange, strange NBA season. Many stars didn’t play, the MVP only played 65-66 games, chemistry issues, Kawhi and Paul George both out, Denver a number one seed, Milwaukee already rolled… Kinda interesting. I’m not a believer, I am not. I don’t see the Lakers capable of winning four series with old LeBron, well past his prime, now relying on threes and shooting way too many of many of them, though not hitting them. It’s a cross your fingers scenario with AD and his health. I would say, even people I respect, I’m in the minority. I do NOT see this as a championship team. Their ceiling is incredibly low offensively. If AD is off, has a clunker, gets injured— I don’t know where the points come from. But I’m in the minority. A lot of people think this is a championship.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the ongoing Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors series and tell us if he’s already jumping on the increasingly crammed Lakers bandwagon.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he’s not taking the bait on the idea of the Lakers winning another NBA Finals championship, despite it being such a wild and unpredictable season that is starting to resemble the infamous 2020 Bubble.

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