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Woman Said Recently Fired Pistons Assistant GM Harassed Her For Months

A former Detroit Pistons employee is accusing former assistant general manager Rob Murphy of sexually harassing her for months, which led to his termination on Wednesday (May 3).

DeJanai 'DJay' Raska, 32, who is suing Murphy and the Pistons for sexual discrimination and harassment, said Murphy committed multiple harassing acts after she began working for the team in September 2021, which allegedly included grabbing her buttocks, groping her in front of her 4-year-old daughter and telling her he wanted to "put a baby in her," as well as claiming Murphy had attempted to force her to have sex with him in an exclusive interview with the Detroit Free Press.

"Silence is not an option," Raska said. "It's not for me. It shouldn't be for any woman. ... This is my chance to voice the truth ... and to take my power back."

Murphy was fired by the Pistons on Wednesday, which the organization said was due to a "violation of company policy and the terms of his employment agreement," in an official statement obtained by the Detroit Free Press at the time.

"The facts that gave rise to his termination surfaced during a review, assisted by a national law firm, of allegations made by a former employee," the statement reads.

Murphy, who had previously worked as Eastern Michigan University's men's basketball team's head coach from 2011 to 2021, was hired as the president and general manager of the Pistons' G-League affiliate, the Motor City Cruise, before being promoted as the NBA franchise's senior director of player personnel in September 2021, assistant general manager in June 2022. The 49-year-old went 166-155 (79-93 Mid-American Conference) during 10 seasons as Eastern Michigan's head coach.

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