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Steph Curry is Too Small To Be Depended On At The End Of Games

Jason Smith: “Warriors fans are going to hate me but now Warriors fans have to say ‘I think Jason Smith was right, he’s been saying this for a long time.’ With the Lakers up one and less than 30 seconds to go, the Warriors have the basketball. Steph Curry could not shake Anthony Davis  and he put up two off-balance shots that weren’t close.  At some point Steve Kerr has to say ‘we need something else for the end of games’ because ‘letting Steph get a shot’ has killed them in this series. Whether it’s Steph being older, or the defense on him, Steph has a problem. At the end of close games he’s not as effective because he can’t get his own shot, because he’s too small. He’s too small, he can’t get around, he can’t muscle around anybody, and as you saw on the final play, where was he going? Anthony Davis looked like he was 3x as big as Steph Curry was. Steph was not going to be able to dribble around him. They cleared out for Steph thinking they were going to get a double-team, and then only AD came out and they were stuck. This is nothing new because at the end of games he is not nearly as effective because he can’t get his own shot off, yet they keep going to him and saying ‘Steph, make it happen.’ At this point, you’d think Steve Kerr would be like ‘I’m a big basketball mind, just giving the ball to Steph doesn’t work.’ All superstars at the end of games are not created equal, because if you can’t get your own shot off— guess what? You have trouble at the end of games. This is not Steph Curry’s thing and you’d think Steve Kerr would realize that. This is two games that the Warriors have lost at the end because Steph can’t get his own shot off. People wanna blow it off because Steph is a great player, and he’s got this great image, but what I’m telling you is the truth, and I’m not wrong about Steph at the end of games. You gotta figure out something else.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radio discuss the Warriors’ fourth quarter Game 4 collapse against the Lakers on Monday night, as Jason says it was another classic case of Steph Curry failing to deliver in the games’ final moments.

Check out the segment above as Jason details why Steph is starting to garner a reputation of being a star who is ‘too small’ to be considered an all-time great.

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