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Rob Parker: Yankees Losing Streak Proves Judge is More Valuable than Ohtani

Rob Parker: “A couple weeks back they posed the question to general managers and it was basically ‘who would you rather pick to start your team?’ Is it Ohtani or is it Judge? I would pick Judge, people thought I was crazy. I think Judge has more impact and I think we’re starting to see that more and more with where the Yankees are and how they’re scuffling. That lineup without Judge, it’s just not the same. When he’s in that lineup they’re a team who can win 100 games and be a threat in the postseason. They’ve lost five of six, they just got swept by the Angels, they can’t score... It doesn’t mean that Ohtani doesn’t have impact as a pitcher or hitter, he does, but the Angels don’t seem to be able to win regardless to whether he’s in the lineup or out of the lineup. I think Judge has a bigger impact on the players around him. If there is nobody to protect you it’s harder to play, harder to hit, harder to succeed, and when you have a lineup where there’s guys protecting you, I think Judge does that for the Yankees... That Yankees team with him not in the lineup is NOT a good team. That’s not a playoff team without him. With Ohtani PLAYING they didn’t even make the playoffs last year with Ohtani AND Trout.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Rob Parker and former MLB star slugger David Justice debate the Aaron Judge vs. Shohei Ohtani discussion when it comes to who is the more valuable player, as the Yankees’ summer swoon the moment Judge left the lineup has many believing that it has cemented Judge’s spot atop the Most Valuable Player ranks in Major League Baseball. 

Defenders of Ohtani point to the obvious fact that he’s essentially two superstar players in one, a slugger AND an ace. Defenders of Judge point to that fact that he still finished with a higher WAR than Ohtani last season, despite Judge being a hitter and fielder, compared to a permanent DH and starting pitcher. 

Check out the segment above as Parker focuses on the Yankees’ putrid 15-22 record since Judge’s injury last month.

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