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Colin Cowherd Scoffs at the Seriousness of Michigan Sign-Stealing Scandal

Colin Cowherd: “The Big Ten informed Michigan that it might face ‘disciplinary action.’ All the coaches and Athletic Directors on a Zoom call were VERY mad at naughty Michigan. Oh, what do we have here, a new story has surfaced:

‘A former employee at a Big Ten football program said Monday it was his job to steal signs and he was given details from multiple conference schools before his team played Michigan to compile a spreadsheet of play-calling signals used by the Wolverines last year. The person also passed along screenshots of text-message exchanges with staffers from a handful of Big Ten football teams with Michigan, giving the program proof that other conference teams were colluding to steal signs from the Wolverines.’

Cowherd: "This is another reason why I’m on the right side and why I’m giving Michigan and Harbaugh a break. Sign-stealing is absolutely part of the sport. Like baseball, it is rampant. Did Michigan get more aggressive? Yes, we’re all speeding on the freeway. Maybe they’re going 88 and the rest of us go 71. I have no problem slapping Michigan on the wrist for the SeatGeek/i-Phone escapade, but this is not a five-alarm fire. You did not know the rule existed and now we’ve got more information. This is common, much-copied, and traditional. Everybody at some level is in on this. EVERYBODY. It is also a convenient excuse to use when Jim rolls into town and beats your team badly. ‘WELL, THEY HAD THE PLAYS!’ Harbaugh at San Diego, with the 49ers, at Stanford, and with Michigan – when he gets a really good quarterback he rolls people. He beats them all the time. Michigan has simply pulled away from the conference. So let’s wait for the Big Ten to DROP THE HAMMER ON MICHIGAN! I know what you’re saying, ‘WELL, IT’S THE WAY THEY STOLE THEM!’... You’re robbing a bank or you’re not. You're speeding or you’re not. The cop doesn’t want to hear excuses. You’re stealing signs or you’re not. Maybe Michigan was more aggressive than what is viewed as acceptable by the other thieves around the conference, but I’ll say it again... You can’t convince me to go from ‘everyone does it’ to ‘THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!’ It may be wrong, haphazard, sloppy, but don’t sell me outrage. Not interested at ALL in that.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the latest developments in the Michigan football sign-stealing scandal and once again scoff at the severity of the allegations. 

Check out the segment above as Colin reiterates his view that these sorts of allegations only get loud when one team is dominating everybody else, which is now Michigan as the clear top dogs in the Big Ten.

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