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Jason Whitlock: Footage of Caleb Williams Crying to His Mom Looked Staged

Jason Whitlock: “I’m trying to figure out why the mom had that white sheet of paper and what would make her think ‘hey, I need to cover this up.’ If my son runs into the stands, I’m not thinking ‘hey, I need to cover this up, I don’t want people to see this...’ I don’t understand how that thought goes through her head. Anything out in Hollywood, to me, runs the risk of being scripted and that this was thought of beforehand. Because I just don’t understand the desire to put that [white piece of paper over Caleb Williams’ face]. It would have been so unexpected that he would come into the stands, what would make you do that? Did she figure it out? Is she just that clever? Let’s play Caleb talking about cuddling with his dog: 

[Reporter: What’s your mentality right now trying to process this?]: Caleb Williams: “I want to go home and cuddle my dog and watch some shows. We lost the game. Something you work hard for throughout months, years—to have big games like this, trying to go win and play your best. Each and every one of us came out with a loss today. So emotionally I want to go home, and I want to lay with dog.” 

Whitlock: “This feels scripted. The whole thing feels orchestrated, pre-planned. If that happens to me, my feelings would be ‘let me get to the locker room as quick as possible, let me get in this shower, let me get this press-conference over so I can get to my mother and father as quick as possible.' That’s the process. I’ve played enough football games from high school to college to know that’s the process in disappointment, or even in success. I know I sound like tinfoil hat here, but any chance I’m right this was scripted and pre-planned? People have been questioning about much he ‘cares’ about football, so someone putting a bug in his ear that ‘you breaking down and crying on camera, but keep your helmet on because you don’t want them to see your face, and your mother will have something to cover you...’ Football is a just a TV show. It’s just television programming. It’s no different from LOST, Friends, or whatever TV show you’re thinking of. It’s just there to draw ratings. These guys are all performers/actors on America’s most powerful TV show, football. When I see things like this, I just go ‘well, look at that: Best Performance in a Dramatic Loss- the winner is... CALEB WILLIAMS.' Hats off to Caleb Williams!” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain why he’s not buying the authenticity of the viral video involving Caleb Williams crying in his mother’s arms following USC’s 52-42 home loss to Washington last weekend. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock breaks down why he thinks the whole sequence looked orchestrated and pre-planned and done in a melodramatic way to make NFL teams think Williams deeply cares about football. 

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