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Ex-NFL Player on Caleb Williams Crying: 'It Was Attention-Seeking Behavior'

James Jones: “I’m cool with crying, I have cried in football games. When we won the Super Bowl I dropped down to my knees, thought about everything I’ve been through to get to this point, and boom-- tears started coming down. But for me, it’s different when you jump in the stands to your mom and your dad. For me, I felt like that was attention-seeking behavior. You’re the best player in college football, you know the whole world is watching you, you know the cameras are never leaving you, you jump in the stands and cry to your mom... If he would have turned around to the people that he had been in the trenches with, battling with him, lost the game and grabbed one of his teammates, and boom—some tears started coming down, that’s football, that’s raw emotion, I get it, young fella. It’s a hard-fought game, you don’t want to lose, missed your chance to go to the Pac-12 championship, I’m good with that. But I felt like this was him searching for attention. I know he’s a Heisman-trophy winner and he’s got attention, and the camera is going with you, but we have NEVER seen this. We have never seen a player jump in the stands and cry in his mama’s arms. To me, that’s for the attention. Go to the locker room, you know your parents are going to be in the family zone after the game to see you. Your mama know you lost, your mama know you battled, your mama know what you been through, your family know... Cry in the locker room, cry with your family after the game. To jump in the stands I thought was just absolutely crazy.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch former NFL player and FS1 Speak studio host James Jones call out Caleb Williams for ‘attention-seeking behavior’ after cameras spotted the USC quarterback climbing into the stands to cry in his mother’s arms after USC’s 52-42 loss to Washington last Saturday. 

Check out the segment above as Jones details why it felt like Williams knew the cameras would be on him, and went out of his way to make a scene in the stands instead of being there to comfort his teammates just coming off a devastating loss that ended any chance the Trojans had at winning the Pac-12.

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