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Blazing Five: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Bets For Week 10 (Nov. 12)

Blazin' 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His Five Best NFL Bets For Week 10


2022 Blazin' 5 record: 44-37-4

2023 Blazin' 5 record: 20-20-5

Week 1: 0-5

Week 2: 0-4-1

Week 3: 2-1-2

Week: 4-1

Week 5: 5-0

Week 6: 2-3

Week 7: 3-2

Week 8: 2-1-2

Week 9: 2-3

49ers at Jaguars (SPREAD: SF -3)

"Can we all just admit that Jacksonville is good? They're at home off a bye +3, I'm going to take them. They're 2-0 against the weaker NFC this year, and Trevor Lawrence is 3-1 against teams with winning records. This is not Dallas fools gold. Trevor Lawrence in the last 17 games has been everything we were promised out of college -- 13-4, 70% completion rate, 100 passer rating, and only 6 picks. The kid is a dog, he's ready to go. He's a player and the NFC is weak. The 49ers defense isn't as good, and now they're bringing their defensive coordinator down to the field, THAT'S a problem. Brock Purdy has five interceptions the last three games, people have film. I know they're off a bye but Jacksonville is also off a bye. Better quarterback, at home, Doug Pederson's teams always play well November-on, I like the Jags to win it, I'll take the points 27-24."

Colin's prediction: Jaguars 27, 49ers 24.

Colin's pick: Jacksonville +3

Lions at Chargers (SPREAD: DET -3)

“We're not getting the best number, it was great at -1, but I'm still going to take the Lions-- I think it's my favorite pick of the week. The Lions are coming off a bye. Offensive coach coming off a bye, they're 3-1 on the road, and their defense, which WAS the worst in the league, is pretty darn good this year. They have allowed the fewest big plays in the league, and the Chargers don't get big plays anymore. David Montgomery returns, he changes their offense. He's a really nice running back and had back-to-back 100-plus games when he was healthy. The Chargers' wins have come against the dregs-- Jets, Bears, Raiders, Vikings. They're a little fools good, they're 1-3 against winning teams. Corey Linsley the center is out, Mike Williams, Josh Palmer [out]... They do not throw the ball down the field, and the Lions do not give up big plays. I like the Lions to win here 30-24."

Colin's prediction: Lions 30, Chargers 24.

Colin's pick: Detroit -3

Giants at Cowboys (SPREAD: DAL -17.5)

"I've never done this. I've never taken a 17.5-point favorite, but the Cowboys out-gained the Eagles in Philly by 114 yards. I'm going to take them here. Dak is a great home favorite. They're 10-1 off a loss the last three years, that's the best in the NFL, I'm taking Dallas. They're also 5-1 against teams under-.500, they're bullies. It's a little fools gold with Dallas but if they're a favorite, they'll bully you. The Giants offense is pathetic. Tommy Devito is undrafted. If they had Tyrod Taylor this line would be 9 and I would take the Giants. Darren Waller is out. I don't take big favorites, but I don't know how this game is competitive. A couple weeks ago we took the Cowboys as our favorite bet against the Rams. Dak is a great home favorite and this is a completely inept BB gun of an offense. Cowboys roll them, 40-10."
Colin's prediction: Cowboys 40, Giants 10.

Colin's pick: Dallas -17.5

Commanders at Seahawks (SPREAD: SEA -6.5)

“Pretend the Baltimore game didn't exist because Baltimore is 17-1 against the NFC. If you've never played Lamar Jackson you can't duplicate him in practice. That game doesn't exist. Seattle is really good, they're home, they're ticked off, they were humiliated. They've won five of seven and have a pass-rush now. It's a Pete Carroll team: run the football, good at home, pass-rush. The Commanders offensive line is terrible. Have you looked at the most-sacked quarterbacks in the league? You think Zach Wilson is under duress, Sam Howell has been sacked 35% more than any quarterback in the league. Their defense you think Ron Rivera, but two of their best line guys are gone, they allow six yards per game. Seattle at home in a bad mood, forget Baltimore, they get healthy, Seahawks win 30-20."

Colin's prediction: Seahawks 30, Commanders 20.

Colin's pick: Seattle -6.5

Broncos at Bills (SPREAD: BUF -7) [Monday Night Football]

“I don't think Buffalo is very good, they've lost too many good defensive players. I'm going to take the Broncos. I know, I know, but you're not giving them a fair chance. Let me tell you about Denver, take the Broncos. Extra rest for Sean Payton, four straight games of 100 yards rushing, playing younger defensive players, they've held opponents under 20 points in three straight games. Russell Wilson is now being smartly used as a complementary player. He's very good as a complementary player. Take away the first 3-4 weeks, that's not what Denver is now. They're younger on defense, they're running the football, Russell Wilson is a complementary player, and let's be honest about Buffalo... They lost their best corner, their best linebacker, a top interior defender, a safety-- they're just not as good, they don't blow teams out. Buffalo has lost the turnover battle in four straight games. Each of their last five games have been decided by six points or less. This is going to be close. I'm going to take Denver with an upset 27-26. It is hard to unsee things, and Denver was so bad in the first month that it is hard to unsee that. They are running the ball, Russell Wilson is a complementary quarterback play, I'm going for an upset-- Denver wins."

Colin's prediction: Broncos 27, Bills 26.

Colin's pick: Denver +7

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