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Colin Cowherd on Lakers Collapse: 'LeBron Built This Unlikeable Mess'

Colin Cowherd: “There was an eight-car mess on the 405 in Los Angeles Sunday night – otherwise known as the Lakers. They have officially bottomed out after getting crushed by the Pelicans and booed at home. Let’s be clear: this current Lakers mess is on LeBron. The GM didn’t want Westbrook, the coach didn’t want Westbrook, they had a deal signed and sealed to get Buddy Hield but LeBron wanted Westbrook. He muscled the Lakers and Jeanie Buss and the Lakers have since told him at the Trade Deadline ‘NO, this is MY team, and this is YOUR mess, YOU clean it up.’ The Lakers are now trapped. Westbrook is imploding, the team is awful, and they’re bizarrely and laughably old. This is the team that LeBron and Klutch Sports built, starring AD who is marginally committed and never healthy, and starring Westbrook, who LeBron wanted. The Lakers have said ‘NO, this our franchise and city, you’re a visitor, this is YOUR issue.’ The Lakers are in the middle of the pack in local ratings. This team is not very likeable, and it’s the one LeBron and Klutch Sports created… I would blow this puppy up. I would prefer to keep LeBron and build around him, but I’d start all over. Maybe keep Malik Monk and Reeves if I had to.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks LeBron James should shoulder most of the blame for the Lakers’ catastrophic fall from grace in 2022, as Colin says this eyesore of a roster was built almost entirely by LeBron James and Klutch Sports.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks the Lakers front office should nuke their entire roster and resort to trading even LeBron himself this offseason.

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