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Why Aaron Rodgers Isn't Worth $50 Million Per Year

Colin Cowherd: “If I’m going to write big checks for all these great quarterbacks the two big things that matter are 1) playoff production. They’re ALL winning during the regular season. I don’t give a rip, all the great quarterbacks win during the regular season. What do you do in the playoffs? 2) Personality, it matters. Let’s talk Aaron’s playoff production -- he’s 7-9 in his last 16 games with very good teammates. He shrinks and he plays it safe. He’s never been as good playing from behind as guy’s like Brady or Peyton Manning, that’s why he’s got fewer come-from-behind wins than Andy Dalton and Derek Carr. He’s a better regular-season quarterback than playoff quarterback, that’s indisputable. I don’t care that he wins during the regular season. Andy Dalton won in the regular season in Cincinnati, I don’t care. Dak wins during the regular season. What’s your playoff production? The second thing is personality. Am I comfortable writing you a $400 million check? Increasingly Aaron is self-absorbed, public, and kind of weird. If I had a chart for the five guys I would pay $400 million it would be Mahomes, Josh Allen, Russell Wilson, Joe Burrow, and Matt Stafford… He’s winning a bad division. Ryan Tannehill would win that division, Joe Burrow would win that division, Justin Herbert would win that division, Derek Carr would win that division. I’m not paying you $50 million because you can win the NFC North. So you win a bunch of games, who are you beating?? There are 20 quarterbacks who would win that crappy NFC North last year.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think Aaron Rodgers is worth $50 million per season, as Colin details why Rodgers’ history of shrinking in the playoffs after beating up on incompetent NFC North teams shouldn’t warrant a record-breaking contract in return.

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