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Colin Cowherd: Colts Shouldn't Bail on 'Really Good' Carson Wentz

Colin Cowherd: “Jim Irsay can be impulsive. He’s upset because of the way the season ended and now there are questions about ‘LET’S GET RID OF CARSON WENTZ!’ Don’t do that. You retain Carson Wentz unless you can get like Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson. Folks, he had 27 touchdowns and 7 picks, with a 95 passer rating with an average wide receiver room. That passer rating is better than five quarterbacks who made the playoffs. Carson Wentz is really good. He’s not top 6 or 7, he makes too many mistakes, but it should be noted that Matt Stafford threw pick sixes too. Carson Wentz is 6’5”, he’s mobile, he’s strong, he finds open guys, he’s good. He can be a little reckless, but not Sam Darnold reckless. There’s not a lot of him on the market. You can’t bail. Jim Irsay is mad but let me say this as well. They lost to the Jags… So did the Buffalo Bills who you can argue is the best team in the league. It was a divisional game and those games are always weird. Hopefully he finds it, they figure it out, the answer is not there, and cooler heads prevail. I understand you were upset about losing to the Jaguars but this is a crazy league, it happens, and it’s hard. Take a deep breathe.” (Full Video Above)

Listen Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Colts should retain Carson Wentz and not part ways with the former MVP shoo-in just because Indianapolis’ catastrophic Week 18 loss in Jacksonville this year when they blew a chance at making the playoffs.

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