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Colin Cowherd is Worried Ja Morant is the Next Derrick Rose or John Wall

Colin Cowherd: “There’s something rampant happening in our industry, it’s called ‘safety-ism’, nobody says anything. Everybody is terrified of people saying mean things on Twitter, but I got the ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks about him’ gene in my family. I’m going to double down on what I said yesterday – I worry about Ja Morant. I never said he wasn’t great, I never said he wasn’t amazing, I never said he won’t win playoff series, or win the MVP… My point was SUSTAINABILITY. Ja Morant's sustainability should be a concern. I compared him to John Wall, Westbrook, and Derrick Rose and got much pushback. I compared the third year of all four players and their minutes are almost identical, their points are pretty close, Westbrook and Morant and virtually the same in three-point percentage… That’s the problem, none are great shooters, all of them had to attack the rim. Derrick Rose is 200 pounds, and Westbrook is 205 and looks yoked. Ja Morant is 174 pounds and he’s already been dinged up a couple of times. This is a sustainability argument, it’s not a ‘who’s great?’ argument. By year three John Wall started missing games. By year four Derrick Rose got banged up. When was LeBron’s first injury, year 15?? I worry about Ja Morant, the numbers don’t lie. He is 117th in the NBA in three-point shooting therefore he has to attack the basket to score. This is not a criticism of him, it’s a reality of his game. I think he’s much better than John Wall but I don’t think he’s better than Derrick Rose. I think this is exactly what we said about Derrick Rose. Rose was unbelievable and won an MVP during LeBron’s prime. I love Ja Morant but sustainability is an issue. Derrick Rose HAD to attack the rim and it wasn’t really much of a three-point shooting league back then. You could still do mid-range and not get screamed at. Over half of Morant’s points are in the paint. He’s 174 pounds, that’s 90 pounds less than the people he collides with at the rim. The average center is about 260-270.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd double-downs on his controversial take from Tuesday where Colin said he’s worried about the long-term sustainability of Grizzlies superstar guard Ja Morant, as Colin fears that the MVP candidate could become the next flash in the pan short-lived phenom like Derrick Rose and John Wall.

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