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Colin Cowherd: Russell Westbrook is Not a Top 75 All-Time Player

Colin Cowherd: “A report says the Lakers and Russell Westbrook have a 'mutual interest' to part ways. So that will be his fifth team in the last five years. Westbrook can keep running but you can’t run away from yourself. This one is on Russell. LeBron got along instantly with Anthony Davis, and plays well with Reaves, Malik Monk, Carmelo Anthony, KCP, Alex Caruso, Dwight Howard…it all works here. Chemistry was never the issue with AD. He can’t make it work with Russell Westbrook… LeBron is like salt, he makes EVERYTHING work, and he can’t figure out Russell Westbrook. Russell lives in a tunnel, plays in a tunnel, nobody ever gets better, and for 13 years all the media has done is fawn over him. Now, because he plays in highly visible LA he's getting crushed. Folks, the expectations here were outrageous to begin with. I was hoping for production and now he’s not even that. I saw the NBA had their 75 best players of all time at the All-Star Game and Westbrook was on it. I looked at it and thought ‘he’s talented’, but the Lakers this year with Westbrook on the floor are -148. If Westbrook is not on the floor they’re +26. If you were in movies and every time you were in a movie it bombed, even if you were good looking, even though everyone in Hollywood said you’re a great actor, every movie you were in got worse and you never worked with any of the cast, -- are you one of the great 75 actors of all time? NO. Kevin Durant worked with Steph in a week. LeBron and AD worked in a night. The NBA fawns over athletic ability but do you make people better? Are you easy to play with or do you play in a tunnel, it’s all about you, is it all about stats? Westbrook doesn’t make anyone better, and he’s not a winning basketball player. If you can’t play well with LeBron James, that ain’t on LeBron, that’s on Westbrook. People are rolling their eyes at him now but where were you for 13 years? Did you watch any of his games? I feel bad for Westbrook now and the way he’s been treated but he has nobody to blame but himself. He can’t play well with ANYBODY.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explains why he doesn’t think Russell Westbrook should have been included in the NBA’s 75th Anniversary team that named the 75 greatest players in league history, as Colin details why Westbrook has never made any of his teammates better over the course of his entire career.

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