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Kansas City Chiefs Considering Move Away From Arrowhead Stadium

The Kansas City Chiefs are considering a potential move away from Arrowhead Stadium once their lease expires in 2031.

Team president Mark Donovan acknowledged that the Chiefs were mulling other options, specifically a possible move from Missouri to Kansas, during the league meetings on Tuesday (March 29) via Kevin Clark of the Ringer.

Donovan said that the Chiefs like Arrowhead -- which has served as the franchise's home since 1972 -- and the legacy of late owner Lamar Hunt entwined with the stadium, but have listened to pitches by Kansas developers.

"Chiefs prez Mark Donovan, when asked this AM about potential new stadium options, said the team has considered options in the state of Kansas," Clark tweeted. "They like Arrowhead and legacy of Lamar Hunt’s stadium, but have been pitched by Kansas developers on a bunch of options. Something to watch."

Mayor Quinton Lucas responded to Clark's report, ensuring that the city planned to take necessary action in keeping the Chiefs on the Missouri side of Kansas City.

"Kansas City has proudly hosted the Chiefs since the early 1960s. We look forward to working with the Chiefs, our state of Missouri partners, and local officials to ensure the Chiefs remain home in Kansas City and Missouri for generations to come," Lucas wrote, quote-tweeting Clark's original post.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt had previously acknowledged the possibility of a new stadium last fall after the Kansas City Royals publicly confirmed plans to pursue a new Major League Baseball stadium in downtown Kansas City.

"Obviously, things change, and the way fans want to consume the game and the kind of spaces that you need, those things change over time and we're paying attention to that," Hunt said at the time, via FOX Kansas City (h/t CBS Sports). "We've had beautiful stadiums open now in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and there will be things when we get to the end of our lease here in nine or so years that I'm sure we'll want to incorporate into the stadium. One possibility will be another renovation of Arrowhead."

The Chiefs had previously completed a $375 million renovation of Arrowhead Stadium in 2010, as well as several smaller projects in the years since.

Arrowhead is the NFL's third-oldest stadium behind only the Chicago Bears' Soldier Field and the Green Bay Packers' Lambeau Field.

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