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Colin Cowherd Already Gives Up On His Massive NBA Playoff Prediction

Colin Cowherd: “TWolves, Clippers, I had the Clippers last night, not gonna lie. I’m hurt. Nothing against the Timberwolves but I thought the veteran team would win even though they were on the road. This really hurts the Clippers’ chances of advancing in the playoffs because now they have to face Phoenix in round 1 if they get in, and they’re not beating Phoenix. I do think they match up pretty well with Phoenix, and if Kawhi played even ten minutes a half, they would be a total handful. This really hurt their chances so I’ll have to redo my playoff bracket from yesterday because I had the Clippers going a long way. I thought they were going to the Western Conference Finals. I like a lot about the Clippers, if the game was home they probably win last night. Here’s the interesting part to me about the Clippers, Mt. Ballmer can be volcanic. Steve Ballmer is richer than any owner in the NBA and significantly richer than about 95% of the owners. He loves basketball and he lives for basketball. Really shrewd, really clever, really smart, and really intense – he’s not paying for an 8 seed. Ballmer is beside himself this morning. The Kawhi deal has been underwhelming, Paul George is hurt too much and not quite as clutch as they hoped, Mount Ballmer may explode here. It’s the most highly compensated scouting staff and front office in the NBA. Since Ballmer has bought this team, there has been an opening in the West, sort of like when Michael Jordan retired from baseball for a couple years, all of the sudden the east was wide open. The Lakers have a few stars but they’re old and falling apart, and the Warriors have a few stars, but they’re old and can’t stay healthy. They’ve opened the door for the Clippers to fly through it.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he’s backing off his original prediction of the Los Angeles Clippers advancing all the way to the Western Conference Finals, as Colin was rolling with the Clippers to beat the Timberwolves, Grizzlies, and Warriors in succession.

Check out the video above as Colin wipes that take off the board with the Clippers’ late collapse against Minnesota, but also details why he thinks the Clippers under boisterous owner Steve Ballmer could soon reign supreme over a reloading and evolving Western Conference. (Colin's bold Clippers take from Tuesday below)

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