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Ex-NFL Player on Baker Mayfield Tirade: 'Suck It Up and Stop Complaining'

Baker Mayfield: “I would love to show up to somebody’s cubicle and just boo the sh*t out of them and watch them crumble.”


Jonas Knox: “Have you ever thought with any criticism you got being a player that ‘man, I’d love the opportunity to show up to somebody’s work and do the things and say the things to them that they’ve done and said to me.'"

Brady Quinn: “I honestly have thought about that and how people in the real world would handle that. I think there might be a crowd who would be into that and fire them up a little bit for what all that entails, but I’ll just say this…when you get compensated like you do as a professional athlete you have to realize that there’s a lot that goes along with that. Your life is no longer private. You give people the ability – from what you’re being compensated – to boo you when you’re not performing well. That’s part of the deal. As much as you can look at the fame, the lifestyle, and everything else that comes with it, you also have to understand that there’s going to be some bad too, and that’s what bothers me about this idea where athletes feel like they can’t be booed, whether it’s by their own fans or by the opposing fans. There’s a line that people can cross at times but you are being paid MILLIONS of dollars. Your life has changed, and your kids’ lives have changed – in some cases generations have changed. SUCK IT UP. Suck it up and deal with what comes with that and stop complaining about it, and just be thankful. Be thankful for the fact that you’re there and not somewhere else… When you make those sorts of comments and that’s how you feel, then you’re focused on the wrong things. You’re going to be in that cubicle sooner rather than later if that’s your mindset. You were the no. 1 overall pick and signed a $22 million signing bonus. You’re going to compare yourself to someone who works in a cubicle?? You’re picking on the little guy right now because your circumstance isn’t what you want them to be.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Brady Quinn of Fox Sports Radio, a former Notre Dame standout and NFL quarterback, discuss the ongoing Baker Mayfield saga as he continues to purge his standing with the Browns organization, and explain why Mayfield’s lashing out against fans booing him is unwarranted.

Check out the segment above as Quinn details why Mayfield has to ‘suck it up’, and not take it out on emotional fans who aren’t making tens of millions of dollars like he is.

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