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Former NFL Team Doctor Breaks Down Mac Jones' Ankle Injury

Dr. David Chao: “This is a left high ankle sprain as he lands and the foot turns out, and you also see it kind of snap. I’m thinking it’s more ligament as it turns out rather than fracture but we will make sure. This is a multi-week injury. This is not a simple injury here. This is going to have him out for multiple weeks, even with confirmation of no fracture. The hope is no surgery, but it’s easy to expect this to be an Injury Reserve four weeks because it’s a significant high ankle sprain. It could easily leak longer than that. We would be surprised if he returned before four weeks but then again, he’s not exactly a mobile quarterback, maybe they try to. If he were playing a position there is no way. They’ll be lucky just to contain it to four weeks IR, significant high ankle sprain, not expecting any associated fracture at all.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Dr. David Chao (@ProFootballDoc), an ex-team physician for the formerly known San Diego Chargers, break down the ominous Mac Jones ankle injury that forced the second-year Patriots quarterback to leave their game vs. the Baltimore Ravens.

Check out the segment above as Chao reviews tape of the fateful play involving Jones, predicting that Jones suffered a ‘significant’ high ankle sprain.

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