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Colin Cowherd Gives a Cautionary Tale on Justin Fields' NFL Future

Colin Cowherd: “60/40, I think it’s going to work with Justin Fields. But he, Trey Lance, Zach Wilson, I don’t think they’re gifted enough to overcome nonsense. Mac Jones, the minute he doesn’t have the right coach he regresses badly, he’s not gifted enough to overcome a bad coordinator. My concern with Justin Fields is we’re falling in love with the ‘spectacular’ and the highlights, but that is a small part of quarterback play, you get about two of those a game. We did this for Cam Newton for years, his footwork never got better, his mechanics regressed, but like twice a game Cam Newton did something you couldn’t take your eyes off it. Folks, a lot of movie trailers are amazing… They’re 60 seconds. Very rarely is a movie amazing, that’s two hours and ten minutes. I ‘think’ Justin Fields is going to work, but we all like to fall in love with highlights. That is like 5% of quarterback play. Is Justin Fields going to audible you out of trouble? Is he going to audible you into yards? Is his footwork getting better? Reading the field? Are his mechanics stabilized? The answer may be ‘yes’ to all of these. It’s 60/40 I think it will work, but I still want to see 17 more games. It’s going to take more time with him and I can’t trust this organization, they can’t build up offense. I think they need to move down, get more picks and current players mostly on offense, give him 17 more games, and then make a decision.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss what he thinks about the prospects of Justin Fields as a legitimate franchise quarterback coming off a season in which he showed brief glimpses of superstar potential (1,143 rushing yards, 17/11 TD-INT ratio), but one that also saw him go just 3-12, with the 25th highest passer rating and lowest passing yards per game in the NFL, while being the league-leader in taking sacks.

Check out the segment above as Colin gives a cautionary tale on Fields’ outlook, saying to not get fooled by a couple highlight reel plays Fields makes every game.

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