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Colin Cowherd Says These Two NFL Teams Make the Most Sense for Sean Payton

Colin Cowherd: “There's a story today ‘Arizona Cardinals get permission to speak to Sean Payton’… Yeah, PASS. ‘Houston Texans get permission to talk to Sean Payton’… HARD PASS. ‘Russell Wilson and Broncos get permission to talk to Sean Payton’… Probably a pass unless they offer him $28 million a year and that's not possible. Sean's going to be successful but what could derail him is ‘crazy’ and ‘drama’. That's what smart people worry about. You can't overcome ‘crazy’. Crazy billionaire owner, dramatic quarterback… You look at these teams—Arizona, you got nothing but drama with Kyler Murray. The owner, he's fine, Michael Bidwell, don't know who your GM is, but your star receiver DeAndre Hopkins is reportedly leaving, is he tired of the drama? Kyler Murray is non-stop drama. Does the owner like the quarterback, that's more drama. I’d be OUT. Houston Texans, they just fired another coach after a year, the owner's crazy. I can't take that job. The two jobs that seem so obvious to me, one, the New Orleans Saints. There's no ‘drama’ and there's no ‘crazy’. He loves the owner, he loves the GM, he loves the roster, they just don't have a quarterback. Garoppolo, Carr, Brady, or draft him, it's not impossible to get a quarterback. The division is super weak with Brady leaving. Winnable division if you get the right quarterback. Hell, you could miss on the quarterback and still Sean Payton is smart enough to get you in the playoffs. The other one to me, it's so obvious if McVay leaves, is the Rams. The owner is aggressive and the GM is aggressive. Matt Stafford is southern, Matt Stafford is a Texan, Sean Payton has got a house in Texas. It always felt like Sean loves LA and would coach here, but he's got ties to the South, and New Orleans, and Texas. Stafford is a no BS guy, bottom line guy, family & football guy, no BS.  You may have one issue to solve for each team—  Rams get that o-line fixed, Saints find a quarterback— Sean Payton is pretty good at finding quarterbacks.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Sean Payton’s possible return to coaching next season and explain why there are two teams Payton should be zeroing in on, and another three teams that he would be avoiding at all costs.

Check out the segment above as Colin details the best fits for the former Super Bowl-winning head coach who is considered one of the brightest offensive minds in league history.

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